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Assisted Living

With the wide variety of services we offer, Keystone Place at Naples Preserve is ready to revolutionize the way residents think about assisted living. We focus on the needs and desires of our residents, ensuring them a living experience that boasts the finer aspects of life. We have created a business model that resembles our passion for catering to the perfect retirement experience. 

Nursing Homes Redefined

Keystone Place at Naples Preserve has been purpose built to provide the necessities that make assisted living a breeze. Our residents come first, which is why we have devoted the design and planning to the care of our clients. We offer spacious studio-like accommodation which boasts luxurious bathrooms and market-leading cosmetic finishings.

We have developed an array of convenient services, such as housekeeping, chef-prepared meals, resident-initiated pastimes and more. Thus, we have developed a living experience that is designed to satiate those who seek a retirement filled with love and care.

Cost-effective Assisted Living

Each resident is greeted with a complete and holistic living experience. Keystone Place has devoted its business model to ensuring that we provide our residents with the quality of living they deserve at prices that compete with the anyone in the market. We offer a resident experience that requires no large entrance fee, buy-in or long-term commitment. Instead, through a business model that saves on overhead, we are able to reduce the costs of care and pass the savings to our residents.

Assisted Living-Specific Features

We offer assisted living features that contribute to a lifestyle that generates memories for years to come, hence our provision of:

  • Sensible and resident-centric Assisted living
  • Inclusive services
  • Many different levels of assisted living services depending on your needs

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